Ratchet Hair Violation #15

7 Feb



Everyone take cover commercials are trying to brain wash us into placing termite shaped things into our heads. Or maybe its just this man. Brother why are you doing this, did your teacher not teach you that trees are friends. Why did you go kill that poor try and try and glue the roots to your head. Dear sir please be nice to mother nature she seems to be having a few mood swings lately.

Innocent or Guilty?:  Guilty! Just plain ratchet.

Sentence: This Ratchetness is sentence to planting 5000 trees all around the world and to look in a mirror at least 10 times a day. This nonsense should never be seen again.


2 Responses to “Ratchet Hair Violation #15”

  1. bluemarrows February 7, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

    cool, but yeah, not our thing 🙂

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