Ratchet Hair Violation #27

12 Feb



*Coming Soon The Weave Olympics* Contestants have 10 minutes create them most inventive weave style. Today winner is above Helicopter Hannah. Congrats Hannah you have won national shame and disgrace for you ratchetness. I must say little Hannah here has to the most creative i have seen so far, i admire the time and effort that went into this weave style. Wait, what am i saying? this girl look like she was looked in her room and brainwashed. The natural glow on her face is the result of watching every MTV show every created. That smile doesn’t mean shes happy it means she will cooperate with her kidnappers to get out and go home. I happy to report Hannah made it home safely, but ratchetness now reigns in her life like the scent of a skunk.

Innocent or Guilty?:  Innocent! Too cute to know any better!

Sentence: This Ratchetness is sentence to being an flight attendant to entertain passengers.


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