Ratchet Hair Violation #33

13 Feb



I’m happy to announce the alphabet clown is here. A – An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away if weave glue is still showing. B- Because you can have colors in you hair doesn’t mean you should. C- Can’t begin to explain how ratchet she looks. D- Dogs groom their hair better.  E- Even Elephants can remember red and blonde and black DON’T Match. F- Forest Fires happen because of the dry trail of hair your left, after you were inspired by a crane to do your hair.   G- Get out of that house your only disgrace anyone who lives with you. H- Hold on to whatever dignity you have left.  I- I Knew you were trouble ratchet when you walked in. J- Jumping into a pool of mud, doesn’t seems like such a bad idea. K- Klean up you body and stop using marker on your skin, a real tattoo parlors isn’t hat expensive. L- Look over your shoulder you might be mistaken for a yellow candy cane M- Money is to be spent wisely. N- Never leave your house like this again. O- open a bottle of tattoo remover and get rid of the marks on your face. P- Put a reminder in you phone “Don’t come outside looking like my hair is made out of streamers.” Q- Question your motives. R- Run from your “creative” thoughts. S- Stop being ratchet. T- Tomorrow is a new day, use it wisely.  U- Umbrellas can be used to hide your hair. V- Valley of ratchet don’t walk there again. W- Water is to be used when taking a shower! U- Understand your ting ting needs to be clean. X- Xtra love an care is needed to say fresh, stop using pigs as an example.  Y- You can do better. Z – Zap! Alphabet clown is now unemployed.

Innocent or Guilty?:  Guilty! Just plain stupid!

Sentence: This Ratchetness is sentence to getting and education and to crate a saving account for a real weave. Dollar store is not gonna cut it!


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