Ratchet Sighting: Celebrity Edition #1

13 Feb

Bam! I Hit that beat just right!

“Beyonce might have earned more Super Bowl raves than the two football teams involved combined Sunday, but that didn’t stop her PR team from asking websites to remove so-called “unflattering” shots taken during the halftime show. Once the Internet was done laughing, it got to work doing what the Internet does: making memes.” – Now.Msn.com


Me strong!


I’m the queen!


Scooooby doooby doooo!


I’m not just FIERCE, I’m Sasha FIERCE!


Me strong!


Beyonce go to Moon!

Who knew Ratchetness could be found in Beyonce. Well today i have shown you her true Ratchet Nature. These pictures speak for themselves theirs no need fore me to comment about how constipated, angry and ridiculous Beyonce looks.





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