Ratchet Hair Violation #83

13 Mar


Liz-Mama is the lost dinosaur of Iceland. This creature died in the ice age but when it was alive it bullied all the other dinosaurs. Liz-mama would make faces at them and scare them wither her bright colors. Her spiky hair protected her from being killed because it drove the other dinosaurs away for being so ugly. One day the Raptors made a plan to push Liz-Mama into the ocean because she couldn’t swim. That’s what led to Liz-mamas death, this is what happens when you looks like a mentally ill dinosaur from before time.

Innocent or Guilty?:  Guilty! This is a HOT MESS!

Sentence: This Ratchetness is sentence to morphing into a floss so she can be pushed between teeth after to teeth to feel the pain she has caused with her cursed dinosaur looks.

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