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Runway Fashion Ratchet or Not? #37

11 Apr


Back-Story: Kim K is wearing a Egyptian inspired coat that just make you want to buy.

Ratchet Or Not?: Not

Thoughts Overall: This look is meant for a someone who wants to stay warm and look great.


Runway Fashion Ratchet or Not? #34

27 Mar


Back-Story: Lady Seesaw is wearing some patterns she got from the local farmers market. The idea hit her like a shovel to the forehead.

Ratchet Or Not?: Ratchet

Thoughts Overall: This look is meant for a someone who wants to look like manure.


Ratchet Memes #87

25 Mar

Ratchet Memes #87


Ratchet B****s Be Like #75

21 Mar

Ratchet B****s Be Like #75


Ratchet B****s Be Like #64

10 Mar

Ratchet B****s Be Like #64


“If You’re Famo…

8 Feb

“If You’re Famous You Walk On A Red Carpet, I Walk On Toilet Paper Cause I’m The Shit.” – Unknown

Ratchet Quote

Ratchet Hair Violation #14

7 Feb



Did she use bird shit to moisturize her hair this morning? Girl was too busy smoking to realize she put the wrong moisturizer in her head. Looking past the run down make up, the angry face, and the dog chain around her neck she doesn’t look half bad. if only people took more pride in how they dress themselves the world would be a much better place.

Innocent or Guilty?:  Innocent! She grabbed the bird shit by accident.

Sentence: This Ratchetness is sentence to getting  a makeover, a trip to a rehab center and to investing in some real eyeshadow.