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Runway Fashion Ratchet or Not? #36

11 Apr


Back-Story: Justine is on top of the world right now. she just finished making bacon and eggs for her 3 kids, then got on a flight to Paris. As you an see, she is a star on the runway.

Ratchet Or Not?: Not

Thoughts Overall: This look is meant for a someone who wants to blow the competition out of the water. this would look good at an formal event


Runway Fashion Ratchet or Not? Male Edition #15

10 Mar


Back-Story: Shaggy is rocking the bad boy shark collection. He walks with confidence and attitude that says he knows he has no competition.

Ratchet Or Not?:  Not

Thoughts Overall: This look is meant for a someone who want to impress the ladies or wear to a consume party


Pic Of The Day

7 Mar

Pic Of The Day

Ratchet Hair Violation #74

7 Mar


Maria is from the year 2050. She has witness her mother eaten by a wild strawberry which mutated from all the chemicals in the water. The air is hardly breathable and maria just brought her sister to the doctors before she came to our time. Her hair is the new norm in 2050 to represent that weed has become advance, much more advanced. Those of the future get high without having to come down, and cancer is no longer a problem and aids just found a cure. Maria came back to enjoy the trees because in 2050 only 5 trees are left.

Innocent or Guilty?:  Innocent! Shes from the future!

Sentence: This Ratchetness is sentence to being transported back to the time of dinosaurs to blend in and try to survive.


Ratchet Album Covers #2

27 Feb

Ratchet Album Covers #2

Just stupid!


Ratchet B****s Be Like #41

26 Feb

Ratchet B****s Be Like #41


Random Pic Of The Day

12 Feb

Random Pic Of The Day